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This is a test page. It was tested here, to attempt to avoid making more public & embarrassing mistakes along the way, prior to a later version being promoted to the main page at the Wiki on 28 February 2014.

Welcome to the Wiki is a new and vibrant social network, based on the concept that paying for the use of a social network directly is better than selling your privacy one item at a time. Founded in August 2012, is growing at a responsible rate, and provides a broad tapestry of clients and services for many different purposes.

This Wiki is maintained by volunteers. It is our intent to put up every shred of documentation we can find on this venture, except for API documentation; we think would rather do that themselves.

Useful External Links:

A few popular pages to get you started

Event Calendar

Please see the Current Events page for more detail.

Weekly events

Monday MondayNightDanceParty
Tuesday TuesdayChallenge
Wednesday WednesdayChallenge
Friday GameFriday
Friday too! WorkChat
Sunday QuoteSunday

Monthly events

  • Every 15th day of the month - BookClub.
  • Every second Monday of the month - ThemeMonday (starts on Sunday around noon UTC.)
  • The ADNPhotoClub's task runs from 1st - 20th. Judging lasts for 10 days.

Everything below is for development purposes only.


This page is simply a test of a potential new Wiki Main Page - to increase the prominence of events.