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Blogging with a Mediawiki site[edit]

This is a test to see if it would be practical to blog using a Mediawiki site. Take a look at Blog for its evolution.

Issues to overcome[edit]

  1. The very fact that the basic editor doesn't allow the automatic in-line insertion of links to other pages might be enough to put others off.
  2. The inability of a basic editor to insert images without a seperate upload and specific link code may put most of those remaining off. Me, though? I like a (moderate) challenge.
  3. Page names such 'Blog:20141019_BloggingWithMediawiki' as may be very unfriendly unless a URL shortener is employed.

Potential solutions to the above[edit]

  1. Non-trivial, so ignoring for now.'
  2. A simple template to call up an image and display it at a predefined width is a trivial exercise.
  3. Needs thought.