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I am not a lawyer. This page is not intended to be complex.

My terms[edit]

You're more than welcome to copy and adapt everything you see on this site, unless explicitly advised otherwise.[1]

I feel the need to display this notice just in case you make a squillion dollars by doing so, and I've done the hard stuff. I could feel somewhat aggrieved, you never know.[2]


The content on this site created by me, Barrie Turner, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • I have a mercifully brief Disclaimer.
  • I'd like you contact me before you use any content. The best method is to visit my blog.
  • The chances of me copying copyrighted stuff exists - especially unintentionally. Please contact me to allow me to take infringing content down and post my profuse apologies before accusing me in similar terms to music and/or software thieves. I'm new to this. Heck, this might not even be the correct point to proclaim my innocence!

Thanks for reading!

For reference[edit]

  1. I naturally reserve the right to change the type and scope of the licence at any time.
  2. The chances of a value being attached to my work, and me enforcing my copyright are slim. However it depends how I feel on the day. If it's a Monday anything could happen.