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What it is

A few sample Launch Center Pro (LCP) Actions.[1]

It may help, when preparing to create a new action, to understand that LCP (an app centred around URL schemes) expects control codes or non-alphanumeric characters to be converted to their hexadecimal equivalents - i.e. URL-encoded. It's easier than it looks, and in some cases unnecessary.

Read the app's help!

What you need

(In the iPhone App Store.)


Display occurrences of the #quotesunday hashtag using Felix:
Simply passes "quotesunday" to Felix and starts a hashtag search.
Search WikiQuote for quotations:
Opens a dialogue asking for "Search Terms" and then searches for the text just input.[prompt:Search Terms]
Paste a #quotesunday quotation from the clipboard, add a bit of formatting then post via Felix:
A little more complex this example - which assumes the user has already copied a quotation from Wikiquote (or elsewhere) to the iOS clipboard.
Starts a new Felix post with a leading quotation mark character; pastes the contents of the iOS clipboard; adds two linefeeds, a hash character and finally "QuoteSunday".
(Requires user intervention before posting, to tidy up from the original text and to add a trailing quotation mark, and to press the post button.)

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  1. You probably know what it does if you're here.