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What this is[edit]

Simply put, it's my web site, a personal Wiki. The pages I create are publicly-viewable but, and this is the difference to most other Wikis, it's not a publicly-editable Wiki. To say it's a work in progress would be understating things massively. The only certainty is that I'll be testing, and in the process breaking, stuff. If you really, really must see actual content on a site, it's important to make the distinction between this site and my blog. If you want to know what I'm doing[1] look at the blog, but if you want to know what I'm not doing, stay here. Wikis aren't really suitable for blogging.


The inspiration behind all this is the Wiki - well worth visiting if you have an account. Wiki editing can[2] be described as stimulating.



Here's what I could be doing today on the social network, (Saturday April 20, where you are.)


There's a bit about me on on my user page here.

I'm an itinerant editor at the Wiki.

If you find any of this interesting you may wish to:

See my profile first!

ADN thing of the day:

Every Monday: #MondayNightDanceParty!

Resources (Link)

Potentially useful stuff. (Will work on iPhones, not tested on other platforms.) Most of the content here will probably, like that on the Testing page, be related in some way to or its Wiki.

This isn't the main focus of my site, thus frequent updates are unlikely.

May be useful if you're interested in being alerted when anyone posts using a specific hashtag.

A few samples, mainly integrations.

Linux Terminal window management and a simple shell script. (I'm very new at this.)

Don't worry if you don't know what this means, click the link!


I really don't expect you'll find much interesting here. I intend this to be a site that allows me to indulge my interests - without spending too much money on gadgets. I'm using my brain instead of my credit card. It's been a while since I did any sort of programming and, though you could argue HTML and Wiki markup isn't programming, it'll do for this old man, for now.


  1. This does not include weekend time devoted to calculating the physical properties of bodies within the solar system! (Usually.)
  2. It depends.