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Links to significant pages under test. Likely for the App.net Wiki. Please ignore all redlinks on the pages - they're not valid on this, my personal site.
If you have burning desire to see what I'm breakingworking on right now, why don't you visit my Github.com stuff?

ADN Wiki stuff

  • QotD e.g. quote-of-the-day. - Breaking.
Dynamic text, intended to be a general-purpose rolling message segment.

Testing passing a username string to the template mentioned.

Added template to test if the Template:Strloc_insert string concatenation/insert template displays clicky URLs when used to concatenate a basic ADN URL and a user's name strings.
The next page up shall include a call to it.

I can't think of anything I can contribute to the ADN Wiki right now. So why not this?
MOAR banners needed!

Will redirecting from a page to one that does not exist cause a redlink to be generated at the calling page?

Adding dynamic images in place of the banner (see 'masthead' just below) cycling to a schedule determined by event or day.
See my related Github stuff for more background.

A further iteration of the ADN Wiki main page, this time with @kdfrawg's masthead.

Another test page similar to the ones below, but this time with popular links separated from not-quite-so-popular links.

A test Main Page similar to the one below, but with added bling! In response to a request from @kdfrawg and endorsed by @charl (even though @charl does not like boxes.)

A test Main Page for the App.net Wiki to increase the prominence of events - albeit in a static format. *And* provide a more obvious link to CurrentEvents. *And* retain the visibility of the links below the main body of introductory text.

A test calendar to replace the CurrentEvents page here, Current_Events at the App.net Wiki. The only thing stopping me asking to have a similar implementation at the App.net Wiki is a worry about the security of the site if everyone had the user rights to use similar methods.[1]

I've decided not to spend any more time on this. The code is sufficiently hard-to-understand for casual Wiki contributors that I believe it will put people off. Retaining static page currently up at the ADN Wiki.
A test calendar that went live because I thought it worked correctly. I was close. The #ThemeMonday and #BookClub date calculation bugs now require squashing. To render correctly here this page required the installation of the ParserFunctions extension. That's the easy bit done. The page at the App.net Wiki might be superseded by a variant of ADNWikiCalendar.

Personal stuff

Nothing much really, apart from the implementation of an iFrame within the Wiki page - using the Widgets extension implemented for the ADNWikiCalendar.

A personal experiment in prose, started for 2 reasons:
  1. Because my blog is set up for posting discrete, i.e. not linked, content. Simple.
  2. Because my oldest daughter liked the first couple of chapters she read.

Might be useful whilst testing


  1. I don't automatically assume everyone trusts me to always do the right thing - I think it's healthy.