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This page illustrates evolution of this Wiki. It was created by & for the site owner to illustrate the evolution of this private Wiki. The likelihood of missing data/date points is high, therefore it's of very limited appeal & utility.

Things for me to do

  • Add, check, and if necessary edit, a favicon for the site.


  • Add Semantic MediaWiki extension, to make the site seem dynamic and relevant. Degree of difficulty: Yes.


  • Add utility banner similar to Wikipedia's.
  • Embed my blog within Blog.
  • Turn InterWiki linking on. (No. Removed from consideration.)
  • Fix the main page layout.
  • Add an extension to allow raw HTML. (No. Removed from consideration.)
  • Restrict creation & editing of talk pages (subsequent to spam.)
  • Add ParserFunctions extension for CurrentEvents.
  • Add Cite extension.
  • Ensure HTML tags are allowable. (Adding Cite extension fixed broken References.)
  • Edit broken links in my profile (copied from the Wiki.)
  • Allow file uploads (wiki logo, my profile image, etc.)
  • Check if third parties can add new accounts. Restrict, obviously.