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About me

More detail:

I was born at a very early age in Rochdale, Lancashire, England. Despite being kidnapped and forcibly-removed from the town by the vibrant young woman who later became my poor downtrodden wife, I returned in 2007 to live somewhere a bit posher than my roots, and with good education prospects for my 1st daughter. But mainly to avoid being shot at.

I entered this world in a hospital that effectively no longer exists[1], in a town now no longer possessing a hospital with Maternity or Accident & Emergency units.[2][3] My primary & junior school was demolished after its dereliction became dangerous.[4] My middle school was also demolished[5] and is now the site of the town’s cricket & lacrosse clubs and a number of business units. My upper school is still in existence and is undergoing a resurgence in effectiveness[6] – which might be useful when my daughters are old enough to attend it.

My first employer’s business folded, was (you guessed it) demolished, its site sold for redevelopment and is currently (2013) derelict. My second employer is still in business. My third employer folded to be replaced, confusingly, by my first. My current employer (also my second) is doing just fine.

I drove past the new Rochdale Technical College for the first time, during February 2014. Being unaware of the scope of the site's redevelopment I was somewhat unprepared for the car park that had replaced the Engineering/trades block of the campus...

It occasionally seems to me that my past is being, as in a low-budget science fiction film, airbrushed from history. It’s enough to get me thinking about my future, especially knowing the potential for being confused for my daughters’ granddad is increasing daily.

I’m a mechanical engineer, working for my entire career in the rubber & plastics processing industry. So, you could say that I’ve worked in rubber for most of my life...

On - See my profile first!

My involvement and logic isn't always consistent but nonetheless I attract the occasional new follower. I've developed an unhealthy fascination with Peppa Pig & Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom (both children's TV series) since signing up here. I feel the need to hide my opinionated nature and do so to appear cuddly and approachable. Is it working?

  • I created The #ADNPi Project - a low-maintenance catalogue of PI-related ADN post numbers. See #ADNPi for its impact.
See hashtags #WednesdayChallenge and #WedC.
@nitinkhanna is its creator and until recently chose the themes and spread the word.


Not much to say really. I fell into hobby computing at the dawn of the UK's home computing boom. I used to be a passionate American Football fan. I used to be a Burnley FC season ticket holder. I used to be a very keen amateur photographer (or, put another way, camera collector.) I used to mountain bike (though badly, tentatively.)

And then a girlfriend, partner, fiancée, wife and daughter and second daughter arrived. And, with them, debts.

I'm doing ok, thanks for asking!


  • I've drastically scaled back my Twitter usage despite the >15,000-post history.
  • I de-activated my Facebook account and killed my LinkedIn profile after the password leak.


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