The seasonal sales have already started. In fact, some have been going on, on-and-off, since the week before Black Friday.

What have we bought?

I got a shoulder bag for my wife, a vibrant red thing of the same design as her black one. A genuine half price.

The laptop she bought before the sales commenced has been reduced by the same retailer in their Boxing Day sale by a whopping £200! To exactly what she paid for it.

The Xbox One with Kinect, the thing I wanted in the Black Friday sales – the one that the day before was £350, on the day £370, and the day after dropped to £340 – is now £335. Cheaper with 3 games than without.


So, what do we need?

  • A TV stand.
  • Wireless printer & scanner (Canon.)
  • Coke Zero.
  • Dog food.

Not believing the hype: Easy.

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