2015 was a year with a lot of downs, and I'll be glad to see its end. Really. There were of course positives, but overall zero sense of balance.

2014 was equally odd in that regard; my wife nearly died in the July and, restricting myself to social networking, I'd:

  • Messed about with Linux doing some, what I'd call, rudimentary shell script coding based on top of Ayadn – a command line client for the social network,
  • Inexplicably tailed off from my initial enthusiasm with the Wiki, and have struggled to retain that,
  • Told everyone I wasn't going to be using Facebook again,
  • Or Twitter.

2015, a year in review:

This year I continued my idiosyncratic approach:

  • Increasing my use of footnotes* in social media posts,
  • Adopting the Oxford Comma more widely, occasionally even abbreviating the following "and" to "&"! And, even though I know it's not its only use case, preceding only "and" gives me room to grow,
  • Starting to use the Semicolon more frequently.

This last one puzzles me. Until late this year I'd almost never used it, succumbing as I did to peer pressure during my final couple of years at school by intentionally not caring about 'English' lessons. So why now?

A desire for self-improvement perhaps?

2015 also brought:

  • A late-year increase in the frequency of my blog posts, partially in response to installing the Journey (daily) journal app on my Android phone,
  • My slow-but-sure takeover of the #ThemeMonday hashtag on (page needs updating.) I make the call to choose a shortlist of themes, collate, remind, and then post a poll to get votes to pick each. It's not hard work, not really.

So, this blog post ends as the year ends, on a low note:

2015 does not get Baz's Seal of Approval; really, it's had very, very few highlights.

The only standout was a weekend trip to London with my family, my first. (Family and trip to England's capital.)

[Edit:] Ruby puppy arrived in April. Now that changes my perspective a tiny bit towards favouring 'balance.'

*I can't honestly recall when I started using footnotes, it could have been 2014.

I reserve the right to edit this post as events unfold on this, the last day of the year. Naturally I reserve the right to edit all the posts but rarely do, aside from typos.

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