I have a Github Pages test blog, adapted from a repo I found on It's there simply to allow me to figure out how Git & Github work, to refamiliarise myself with basic HTML (and with Jekyll/yaml code), and to extend my very rudimentary knowledge of CSS.

The theme I chose for the site purports to be responsive to screen orientation and size: landscape with a sidebar, portrait a top bar.

But no.

When viewed on my 4.6 inch phone in portrait orientation it looks quite nice. When viewed in my 7 inch tablet in landscape orientation it also looks quite nice.'s @hazardwarning was kind enough to alert me to a worrying thing:

When viewed on her tablet in portrait orientation, the sidebar obscures half of the content; an effect I can replicate it on my tablet. When I view the site on my phone in landscape, the same behaviour is very much in evidence.

Ahhh… a challenge!*

I'm pretty sure I can fix it if I restore the original 'hyde.css' file in \public\css; a file I edited (inexpertly, it has to be said!) in a successful attempt to reduce both sidebar impact and vertical white space.

*Damnit, I very nearly inserted a smiley face then!

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