Another Super Bowl (50, not ‘L’) over, the serious business of me choosing a team begins.

I was a fan of the San Francisco 49ers when they won it all a couple of times (plus the talk of a ‘threepeat’), followed the rebirth and ascendancy of the Jones’ Dallas Cowboys, and then, then… went off the boil a bit.

I still watched the games with friends, went to see the Scottish Claymores in the NFL Europe league, even participated in a peripheral manner in helping out an amateur youth team. And helped out with a fanzine.

2004 brought a trip to Ohio, to see the Wauseon high school team, the Bowling Green college team, and the Cleveland Browns play. An amazing weekend. And the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

And then bang; I got married, we had children, and my hobby time evaporated somehow.

So, which team?

Should I:

  • Invent a sophisticated analytical technique to determine which now utterly crap team stands the highest likelihood of rising fastest?
  • Work within the confines of my history?
  • Pick the newest (and at the same time one of the oldest) franchise – the Los Angeles Rams?

Maybe I should throw all the team names into a hat. One that Ruby dog hasn’t chomped yet.