Another summary post, this of a wasted day:


The lady who was supposed to visit my oldest daughter today didn't show up on time. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I rang 1-1/4 hours after the scheduled start time.

"Oh, she's been off sick for a week-and-a-half, can you give me your daughter's name please?"

I did so.

"I'm just looking at her diary, it seems we missed you."

I then launched into a rant: 'I took the day off, my wife's stayed awake after her night shift, you've got a disappointed little girl here; tell the manager we're yet again dissatisfied by your lack of organisation…'


A local tradesman tasked with a simple home visit 'around teatime', to fit his schedule, to quote us for 2 new radiators failed to show or call or text.


(The dog this time!)

She's chewed her second pair of my Gore-Tex walking shoes. The girls leave the shoe cupboard door open, have no concept of…

My wife seems to think the total destruction of one side of the heel padding is fixable. I'll hover a finger over the Amazon 'buy again' button.


(Yeah, computer stuff.)

Another day, another Raspberry Pi reset; the fourth in 4 days. Rather than do what I wanted to with the computer, it's perhaps a good time to re-evaluate my single purpose; blogging support.

It would gave been sustainable, there's enough scope in setting up a web site to fiddle with, fine-tune, break and fix. But problems with Ruby (computer program dependencies) are getting tiresome. Next step though: check out @mlv's 'strings (1)' comment.

Luckily the Raspberry Pi community has a huge amount of imagination and skill, for example Jonathan Duerig's (@duerig's) book scanner.


I went shopping on my own while my wife slept and the girls watched streaming films. I didn't miss much either. The best thing to happen all day.

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