Not maths as such, more precisely pseudomaths:

endhour == 23

starthour == 7

uploadpayload == 24

dayspermonth == 30

bandwidthused == (( endhour – starthour ) – 1 ) * uploadpayload * dayspermonth

bandwidthused = Oopsie!

Miscalculating the amount of data I was uploading to my web host would have totalled 6 times my monthly bandwidth allowance. As it happens it was lucky I caught it early; the 24MB included an early version of the entire folder contents I expected to upload – off by three times my expectation!

Felling silly.

Fixed? Well, I temporarily stopped the uploads prior to changing the routine to run every 3 hours – which may still exceed the allocation but I'm betting on…

I hope I can figure out how to transfer only changes to my site repo. I'll really need to closely monitor my sh*t.

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