Legacy (apps)

I made a conscious choice to develop my 10Centuries.org app (10cbazbt3.py) in Python 3.x. Python 3.x was introduced in 2008, 2.x updates ended in 2010; 3.x seemed a logical choice.

If only I'd read a little deeper.

Even developing a trivial Python app to run on Google's Android OS requires Python 2.7. That's requires. I don't have a Mac or a daily driver iPhone so cannot develop for OS X or iOS. An interesting recent development though (thanks for the tip @jmreekes) is that the iOS Pythonista app is being updated (parallel app development) to support Python 3.x.

Why do I care? Mine is a personal project, right? The very earliest stages of development, right?

Yeah, about that…

It's good when someone shows an interest in a thing one's created. But to be unable to use it because their workflow is based entirely around a deprecated version of the language one's working with…

It's understandable; when even Google continues to use it because to not would introduce massive compatibility/update issues, why rock the boat?

But there are further obstacles to overcome before my thing is anything other than a post-only 10C client:

  • Making sense of the API JSON so that a user can interact without the needing to read through pages of 'gibberish',
  • Cross-platform compatibility,
  • And other stuff…

Aaah… Dunno.

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