There's a modern disease I share with a good proportion of the world. There's not a massive social stigma attached to it these days yet all kinds of crackpot remedies are supposed to help…

So what is this thing?

I have trouble getting to sleep, sleeping, and waking at a reasonable hour.

The central foundation – part 1 of my journey to nighttime joy – comes from a potentially surprising source.

Last year I wanted a Windows tablet; HP had just brought one out under £100 (US$99) and I'd decided a planned hobby could benefit from its price and convenience. So I searched for reviews.

The first YouTube review I came across was very informative, as the numbers of views attests. Watching it at bedtime though I noticed a curious phenomenon: I'd consistently fall asleep before it ended.

It still works.

Here it is:

Let me know what you th

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