"Developing an application is not easy."

So I said earlier today, at a time I really couldn't see an end to the failures cascading through my application. It's the weirdest feeling, knowing there's nothing wrong with code; code that resolutely fails to work. And when it does work despite a total absence of things that should make it work, it's the weirdest feeling.

It feels like that scene in 'Men In Black', the one where we're shown to be an utterly-insignificant part of a hopefully more-advanced-than-us civilisation…

For providing the opportunity to exercise my brain, thanks must go to Jason Irwin – creator of the 10Centuries social network! My life would be a lot simpler right now without 10C. Incidentally, I have invites available if you want to have a social change!


My application.


I am @bazbt3.

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