Last year, amidst a mood of indecision, I decided to move my expired phone contract to the UK's budget MVNO 'Giffgaff'. It's cheap, user-friendly, 4G, and cheap.

Then, eventually, I started to compare my data speeds with others on different 4G networks, and the rot set in. 'Slow' is the order of the day.

The company I work for grabbed a very tempting mobile discount scheme from their new provider, but I looked around for a more customer-(wallet)-friendly alternative.

My deliberations bear fruit tomorrow; my new contract SIM arrived at the weekend, my current number will be ported between networks sometime during Wednesday.

I had a test of course. The uploads are 3 times my current network's, the downloads 10 times faster.

And I'm getting 3 times the data for the same price.

Which is nice.

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