We have an office custom; on or around one's birthday one brings along cakes, pastries, biscuits or even better (depending on the significance of the number) and shares with immediate colleagues & all-and-sundry. I'm no different; this year I bought 1kg of shortbread biscuits and placed then at the allotted, er… place.

3 hours after arrival they've nearly all gone. I got it right. It feels good.

Thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday, even though my rationale for not bringing stuff in on the day sounded a bit lame. At least the Amazon Prime Now explanation went down well (see yesterday's 'Order' post) – as did the biscuits.

Now, those who just take and walk off are bad enough. There's nothing worse though than someone inquiring whose birthday it is, then walking either away or past one's desk. Eating a biscuit!

Ungrateful, ignorant, self-entitled bast[CARRIER LOST]

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