A metric shed-load, nay airship-hangar-load of people suffer from a life-shortening condition. It's talked about, occasionally examined in detail, but doesn't get as big a press as, say, diabetes, cancer, dementia or, the recent fashionable killer, motor neurone disease (ALS.)*

From a Guardian article:

"Do you get enough sleep? Of course you don’t. Very few people with busy jobs, young children or smartphones do."

I don't. I don't need a sleep app to tell me I don't. I don't have the will to do anything about it.

But wait!

The article shows me that I'm a throwback, an artifact of a time long-past when scientists, pseudo-statisticians and armchair statisticians (politicians!) didn't rule our lives. Wine is good for you one month and bad for you the next. Chocolate. Beef. Chicken. MSG. Sugar. Salt. Fast food. Life after 30 will be next…

Moderation is the key, understanding when you've had enough, knowing when it's OK to conform… and when it isn't.

Sleep 8 hours? It'd be nice. Sleep a continuous 8? Pressure!

No longer.

A question I must ask myself:

"How do I now regulate my 2 periods of sleep to get the best out of them?"

*The Ice Bucket Challenge made a short-term impact. 'Twas tempered only by my certain knowledge that most used the thing as a social event, and that it made enemies of other, more-established charities. Envy.