Undies: a sequel

The girls and mummy are having a slumber party this evening; pyjamas, sleeping bags, popcorn and, of course an age-appropriate scary movie.

I was invited; an honourary girl for the evening. One snag though, I don't possess pyjamas. No-one ever bought me a onesie, despite multiple threats to…

For laughs and giggles, mummy suggested I should come downstairs dressed only in my gaudy boxer shorts – hey I've more than the one pair dontchaknow!

So I did.

Not a one of them, not even Ruby dog (also an invitee) expected how I'd present myself…

A giggle from daughter 1 (nearly 9), a look of shock from daughter 2 (6-1/3) and no tut my wife… a success, I think.

In other news; I really didn't anticipate my waist-to-cranial ratio had changed so much over the years!

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