Las Vegas

A colleague and his partner are there right now, starting their first full day. I was there 24 years ago, didn't enjoy the daytimes much; it's a city that's best viewed in the dark, both literally and of the mindset.

My recollection is of air-conditioned, windowless rooms, filled with people dully feeding slot machines and shouting nonsense at the gaming tables. The nightlife is a different matter though. Loud, brash, spectacular.

From a quick look at Google Earth the area around my memories seems to have been extensively redeveloped. I'm no longer sure I'd like to revisit; memories, you know?

I'm pleased to see the volcano opposite Harrah's remains, just up The Strip from the down-a-gap-between-2-buildings Travelodge we stopped in; no longer a Travelodge, I'm not even sure if the building exists.

Thanks for provoking the memories nameless-for-blogging-purposes man. Take it easy though, your 4 hours' sleep may not be quite enough to tackle Death Valley. Mind you, if you're man-enough to wake up her indoors to send her my best wishes for a great holiday at that hour you'll probably do just fine.


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