I Left Medium

I probably quit Medium in 2011; I've not been back there since. Being totally frank about the entire process it became hard work keeping engaged, maintaining the daily routine, sustaining the decision-making, the triaging process…

It wasn't a conscious decision to quit Medium; far from it in fact. The positive benefits of maintaining oversight demonstrably outweigh the later feelings of 'what-if I'd…'

I occasionally tell people an amusing-to-me anecdote associated with a wedding reception invite. It ably illustrates if not why I left Medium then what happened afterwards.

We got a wedding invite late in 2015; used it as an excuse to leave the girls at home and relax.

Well, the process started off calmly-enough but descended into farce – thankfully before we left home.

I had nothing to wear, not shirts anyway. Call me lazy, but I'd simply not bothered to buy new smart clothes for a few years. My wife promised to shop for me, she'd pick something suitable; my fashion sense isn't the best, see?

All she needed: my collar size. So I told her and the next day an SMS indicated a shirt awaited my arrival home from work…

A very nice shirt too.

I went upstairs to try it on. And there my comfortable existence fell apart…

I believed, Believed, BELIEVED I was still a size 14-1/2" collar.


16" neck. 40" chest. Still short-of-leg though; that and the waist measurement remain mine.

I'm thankful no fly-on-the-wall documentary team was shadowing me that day; to see me first manfully then not-quite so manfully struggling with that obviously too-small-for-me shirt, first to fail to pull the sleeves up my arms, then to fail to fasten any buttons… And then to spend the longest 2 minutes of my life attempting (and finally succeeding right at the point my sense of reason was screaming at me to shout downstairs) to inch first one then the other sleeve down…

No longer Medium.

Cheap, clickbait post? Yeah, why not? Fashionable, isn't it. I probably deserve your scorn simply for staying Large.

If you don't understand this, don't worry.

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