I've not decided which way, or if, I'll vote in the UK's local elections this week. A long standing Liberal Democrat I can't really see past the local candidate's pledge (if it is that) to provide the town with a theatre.


My upper school had a well-used theatre in the nineteen seventies, it's still used today. There are more important things to spend money on.

To be fair to him, he's not a local resident; previously a councillor in another district, he's probably unaware of much outside his area, and – and I'm guessing here – would rather have the theatre in the being-regenerated town centre.


No, with 2 days before the poll no day we've yet again had no leaflets spelling out LibDem hopes and dreams. Again to be fair my recent post slagging 'em off for a lack of info. at the local news site was addressed; all the candidates have' pitches' up. It's a start.

So, a post entitled 'Loony'?

I'd better see who else is up for election this time; you never know, someone might prove themselves worthy of…