3 Wolves and Moon

My boss wore a work-commemorative T-shirt all day today; as these things do it got me thinking about life-changing events.

I made the first step today towards changing mine.

Not acknowledging a suppressed mid-life crisis, not starting a life of crime or male modelling (despite the incessant demands to), not even thinking of dressing on the other side, no.

So, whilst at work I ordered a Three Wolf Moon t-shirt from Amazon, yes.

It arrives sometime tomorrow and, though I may not have time to wash and dry it prior to dress-down Friday, I nevertheless intend to wear it.

Now, if anything I’ve read about the power inherent in the shirts is true, however minuscule its effects are for me… it’s fair to say I’m expecting great things.

After a reasonably productive day I arrived home.

Heck, we have new neighbours!

It’s started.

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