3 Wolves shirt

Last week I ordered a shirt. Not just any shirt, but a shirt of power, a shirt of mystical significance, a shirt to spark and fulfil dreams. It arrived last Thursday, the shirt I blogged about last week did. Yes.

So far:

  • Even before it arrived, we got new neighbours,
  • The shirt arrived,
  • Thursday's takeaway dinner arrived 1/2 hour early,
  • Paid for by my wife,
  • It was lovely,
  • My wife's been looking sideways at me every time I wear it,
  • And sniggering.

(As I start this post I am wearing the shirt; this sniggering, it's not a normal day here!)


Not much else to report really.

The shirt size, it runs a little large. This 'Large' is a bit baggy, feels a bit like I'm wearing a dress. A large, purple, tie-dyed dress with a front bearing an artistic design depicting 3 Wolves howling at the moon.


Tomorrow, as they say, is another day. I'd promised to wear it the shirt at work last Friday; it's dress-down on Fridays.

I could not.

It's not large, purple, tie-dyed with a front bearing 3 Wolves howling at the moon dress-down Friday.

I've an open mind, no-one would comment unfavourably, would they.

I've an open mind.

Ohhh no I haven't!

Maybe I should wash the thing, maybe its magic is activated somehow by the action of water, washing powder and agitation.


And if it shrinks in the wash, hey…

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