I'm closer to making an American Football team decision. Yes, I'm ignoring advice, previous deliberations, random chance, all of it.

But that's today; who knows what 'tomorrow' will drop into my lap‽



And why?

The San Diego Chargers!


I first visited the USA in 1992. We landed first at JFK, swapped 'planes then flew in to San Diego – our coach tour's starting point. I actually saw Jack Murphy Stadium; amongst many other attractions the city had to offer.

Now as far as my desire to pick a crap team, one with a promising future but a recently abysmal past… I might settle for mediocrity in the short term.

The Chargers are as near as dammit a lifetime 8-8 team. Not a bad feat for a team founded in 1960; and the embodiment of the League's desire for parity across the League.




And rivalries, always back to rivalries. One in particular against a certain city's team, a team of which I know a small number of fans.

Chiefs fans, they are.

It'll be great!

Or car-crash.

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