Not a post about 'politics', no. It's bodily functions; one in particular. And physics. Acoustics.

Earlier today I discovered one of the resonant frequencies of the gents toilets in work. I say 'discovered' as though I know what it is and can replicate the test conditions.


It won't stop me from trying, though it may be some time before all the variables align as they did earlier…

Stood in cubicle 1 having a pee, and I trumped. Not a crafty squeak, not a planned silent but deadly, no. Though the room didn't shake, the sound emitted from my bottom took on a 3-dimensional 'presence' unlike anything I've ever heard before…

And no-one else was there to share the moment.

Perhaps it's for the best.

Next up, Mussorgsky's 'Night On The Bare Mountain'!

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