A roundup of things I've done, observed, experienced, liked, loathed and tolerated during the last week. Some may be reproducible. Feel free to tick/check the vacant boxes I've helpfully left next to those events that fit into YOUR life, dear reader.

[ ] Cherry-picked the reports, surveys, etc., that conform to my view of what's likely to happen before, during and after the UK European Referendum is decided.

[ ] Figured out its pointless arguing the toss with those who would leave Europe on the promise of jam the day after the day after the vote is counted and publicised. (For the day after the referendum it's obvious; we ALL get jam, cream and scones. And tea. 3 sugars please!)

[ ] Observed the Transatlantic derp grow stronger as Trump's statements grow yet wilder. We've STILL not yet reached Peak Trump, have we.

[ ] Decided that talking Heads are indeed my favourite band after all.

[ ] Failed to persuade the girls to climb the big hill to the northwest of Rochdale.

[ ] Started transforming the back garden into a bona-fide garden. Quite how we'll manage the drainage on clay soil is anyone's guess!

[ ] Picked an NFL team to follow. The San Diego Chargers. Sorry Chiefs fans!

[ ] Made lists.

[ ] Ticked/checked boxes.

[ ] Unticked/unchecked boxes.

[ ] Argued the toss with Brexiters.

[ ] Thought about reminding people about the last day to register to vote in the Europe Referendum. June 7. Tomorrow. I think.

[ ] Been unable to find our National Trust Joint membership cards, and figured out we should have Family membership now. Tsk!

[ ] Mmmm… National Trust Apple Crumble Cookies…

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