Yesterday, and prior to midnight, was the deadline to register to vote in the upcoming UK Referendum. Unprecedented numbers of people (according to the government) attempted to register to vote on the day – over half a million.

And then, at 10:15pm, it all went titsup as the servers broke under the demand of, I think, 25 (or was it 50) thousand simultaneous users.

And that's how the day ended, tens of thousands of disappointed would-be voters.

The government has advised that anyone not registered should keep trying today; votes are important, see?





If you're one of those unlucky enough to fail to complete registration less than 2 hours before the deadline, it's tough luck. Its been all over the news, social media – and almost inescapable too!




Heck yes!

Servers break all the time; Black Friday, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, when Justin Bieber walks out with a dummy/pacifier partially obscuring his vacuous visage…

It's the way the modern world works; things we literally* need to keep us alive and sane break all the time.

Don't let the fact you didn't plan well-enough in advance, and that the Prime Minister thinks it's OK to extend the deadline thus arbitrarily imposing a bigger workload on the election apparatus get in the way of personal responsibility.



Ahhh… a rant's better out than in.

Or, in my case, I'm voting to remain; people need protecting from themselves.


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