Challenge accepted

Surreal situation, isn't it. Led into something that's obviously not good for us by people still refusing to admit they should perhaps have taken more time to look at facts rather than wishlists.

Psychologically, it's a well-documented phenomenon; point a person at two choices: one utterly unpalatable, one ludicrously unachievable but appealing to base instincts – and presented as scary thing vs the truth – the choice is easily made.

Under normal circumstances, an election for a position, change after a fixed term is possible.

Not now, not now this once-in-a-lifetime, unstoppable, irreversible machine has gained the momentum of populism.

Kicking out, taking sides is inevitable. At politicians especially so for allowing this to happen.

Monday morning last, after a pleasant weekend including a visit to the cinema, I simply didn't want to get out of bed. Turmoil, angst, fear of the unknown…

Ok, some of it is irrational, but I have to admit I'm not as full of hope as those who voted FOR Brexit. Indeed I remain angry, and scared.

Now, I'm an engineer, a man used to analysing situations, for taking my time and not making leaps of faith without an examination of at least a few alternative scenarios.

Killing time while waiting for the British summer lumpy sunshine to abate gave me the opportunity to work things out for myself.

Everyone who voted last week should have been made to do the same. Simply asking their name and/or address on polling day now just doesn't seem ENOUGH. We haven't witnessed democracy, not by a long, long way.

Yes, I'm advocating for a change in voter eligibility/registration/rights. Even the US system looks, with its buffer between the voter and the ultimate outcome, better right now.

Earlier today I was challenged to write something special. I think I have.

(Hint: it's not always about the words.)

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