Accepted challenge

Coming from a non-political society as I do I'm often confused by people's response to politicians.

Ordinary people just don't seem particularly well-attuned to, well, figuring out that they're being outright lied to.

Challenging what they're told is wrong, especially of their friends believe too!

Killing popular misconceptions of a politician's role is easy.

Well, here goes!

Once upon a time I admired Ann Widdecombe from afar. Her forthrightness when asked silly questions was endearing, captivating. Fwoarrrrr! And then I discovered she didn't vote in any manner aligned to her constituents' wishes. She voted to align with what she thought were their best interests.


Brexit focused my mind on the bleeding obvious. When I discovered Ms Widdecombe's behaviour I was initially aghast, self-righteously indignant that the concept of democracy had been cruelly stomped over.

Last week I discovered her basic philosophy is correct.

Every step along this post-Brexit road is challenging my belief systems. I still think what happened is wrong. Now shouldn't be the time for me to be doing this. But it is.

As with my last, this post isn't necessarily about the words.

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