'Everyone knew Boris': a quotation (paraphrased here) from someone who knew Boris at university. Not everyone knew David Cameron, 2 years behind Boris. Boris, he's unique that one.

Xmas hasn't come early for Boris though. I genuinely feel sorry for him. Less-than a week after the vote, Michael Gove's abandonment of both any semblance of friendship with Boris and his own statement that he himself wasn't Prime Ministerial material are telling of the measure of the man. The measure of Mr Gove, that is. Boris Johnson is in no way Prime Ministerial material either, and I'm struggling to come up with a government department suitable to be run by a man with his unique talents.

Er… I can't think of anything but an arts or media-related department. Sport. None of those Departments are 'nothing' jobs, but… Not Chancellor, not Justice, not Foreign or Home Offices, not…

Commentators, political, financial, history , must be rubbing their hands with glee; unprecedented events, a dream team of limitless political talent on both sides of the House Of Commons, what could be better‽

Right here, right now, political journalists have to be where everyone is looking. We need answers, answers the politicians aren't providing. Unless they're Scottish, in which case they've suffered the angst already, are actually prepared for this.

Almost everyone who voted should be asked to formulate a plan; either to lead the country out of this mess in the most efficient manner possible, or to provide the best possible framework to survive our post-EU era. I have mine. Its simple, but relies on the British not gaining a very British pyrrhic victory, not letting a very British hubris drive our future, and not being uniquely and stubbornly British in outlook. English then, ok.

Bemusingly, my MP failed to provide a rational response to the Labour Party's fragmentation, by first standing alongside her leader and then, when the tide against him started to lap at his toes, resigning in the name of, er… unity and doing her job: which is apparently holding the Conservative Party to account.' So where does that leave us? Where does that leave me?

Looking at currency movements, comparing the GBP to the US Dollar (ignoring the Euro for now) and against gold. Standing back from Nigel Farage (never one of us) a man rubbing Europe's nose in his poo; likely believing he single-handedly started the terminal decline of an imperfect organisation responsible for the welfare of 500 million people. I'm learning a bit about the psychology of decision making, herd mentality, and politics. And I'm examining history. I'm not examining my conscience.

Everyone; a rhetorical question: To what extent would you allow untruths to propagate unchecked, who would you abandon along the way, how far would YOU go to change our world?

Yes, more words, blah.

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