Politics; it's all a load of old bollocks really, isn't it.

A man spends his entire political career campaigning against a thing, and 'wins'; decides to retire from campaigning against the thing, having no plan, no alternatives to it; ultimately though decides to carry on being paid by the political thing against which he fought for his entire political career.

No consequences? Well, the man now has a place in history – what every politician craves.

Jam tomorrow, WE were promised. Most people would like it sooner. On toast.*

Ahhh… I thought I could stop writing about important (important!) things, but no. Focus. It gives me focus on what is ultimately important.

No longer a monologue about self and family, this blog, thank goodness. Should I get back to writing about the small things though? Is THIS a healthy pursuit?

[Damnit, I originally missed ‘D’ from the post, too distracted watching the telly!] <- An edit.

Rhetorical question; my mind doesn't work thus… Yes, of course it's healthy. We humans, we're inquisitive, insatiable, incompetent at times, but otherwise indefatigable.* Is it enough?

Under this spell, this compulsion to learn about this phenomenon, I believe a week and a half isn't enough to explore deeply-enough.

Man learns about stuff; man fills head with stuff; man's belief system ultimately remains unaffected.

*Yes, I probably AM trying too hard now.

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