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Oh dear. I wrote to my MP 2 weeks ago, hopeful of a quick response (even a brush-off) to my Brexit-related question.

Zero reply subsequent to the automatic acknowledgment. So much for democracy.

Yes, yes I did expect something in return. After all, "We aim to beable [sic] to do so within 5 working days." is pretty clear.

Maybe she's not made her mind up about quashing Brexit? Maybe my expectations, low as they are, are still too high? Maybe I expect that when someone makes a statement that that they'll follow through. Nobody's perfect though.

Ahhh… but my MP first voted for her leader, then when (and this is an assumption) external pressure was applied, she stepped away from both her leader and shadow cabinet duties. But still…

Now I know I'm being unfair. The workload imposed by her constituency duties must be immense. As a constituent with a very real fear of the unknown situation into which we've been tossed, I'm sure a response will come eventually; just not to be directly.

Damnit though, it seems I gave away my name, home and email addresses for nothing.

I… What was I thinking‽

At the end of the day no leader nor system lasts forever. Everything is replaced by something better…

Sure it is.

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