Pizza is on its way.

Late yesterday one of the girls asked to go see 'The BFG': the film adaptation of Roald Dahl's excellent book. My wife has read it to my daughters, and I remain part-way through a similar reading.

Everyone should read the heartwarming tale of a…

Ahhh, but I don't do spoilers.

Suffice it to say we enjoyed the film, I saw enough of the story in my head from the book to be pleased and entertained…

Under normal circumstances the suspension of my disbelief isn't a problem; I'm not massively critical of films I pick or take the girls to.

Rewinding to a point halfway through The BFG though, the insistent pressure on my bladder became utterly intolerable; we had to leave our seats and visit the gents. Awkward with 2 girls in tow. Not that I cared! (We didn't miss much.)

Every time the go out I counsel my two to make sure they've been for a pee. We've done well so far. This time I'd actually taken my own advice and had one just before we left for the pictures.

(sighs) Getting old?

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