After breakfast today the girls and I again went to the cinema; we watched 'Trolls' and, for a refreshing change, I didn't cry at the end.

I cried NEAR to the end.

As with most, ok ALL films we go to, I got involved with the characters, had my sense of disbelief well-and-truly suspended, so yes, of course I cried. I cry at every children's movie we go to see.

Thus, the movie 'Trolls' easily gains Baz's Seal of Approval.

There's just one thing, and I HAVE to SAY this. One thing, aside, that is, from letting you know how eerily similar most of this post is to 'Storks'…

I have a problem with 'Trolls'. Sure they live underground. Or in a tree. Or a forest, well away from things that would disturb their way of life. And yes, they come out into the sunlight too. Yeah, emphatically NOT my view of a classical Troll, not the stuff of myths and legends, not the dull-witted lumpen beings that eat Dwarves and Hobbitses…

(We're currently over 69% of the way through Tolkien's 'The Hobbit', me reading to my girls at bedtime, so this sort of stuff resonates deeply at the moment. Or is at odds with the stuff in my hindbrain?)

But anyway, this film, it's a delightful story of hope and redemption and therefore earns…

Ah, but I did that bit.

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