The Sex Pistols accompanied me to work this morning; MOST unusual, as I usually rely on the calming sounds of the car's ventilation fan to insulate me from the dullards queuing around me or indulging their moronic desires to occupy the bit of road my sensible car wishes to continue to exist unscathed in.

Oh yes, dullards.

Stuck behind drivers without the knowledge of how tiny their insignificantly-wide city car happens to be as they sit immobile before a gap through which my leviathan of a sensible family car fits with ease, I often ponder the meaning of life. Or wish carnage on the individuals around me. And their families.

So in my next life I should like to be a Time Lord; omnipotent, free of the petty restrictions polite society imposes, and with the ability to rearrange, er… things. (I'm assuming I'd work out the detail at the time.)

Every time someone intrudes, does something that bends, or breaks, the laws of British roads, I lose something.

Reasonable-ness? Benevolence? After this morning's commute am I the same as I was yesterday? I don't effing think so!

(sighs…) It wasn't BAD per se, but the stupid WAS strong today. Maybe The Sex Pistols helped me make sense of it. Not bad for a near-forty-year-old band.


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