Intended primarily as a test, this day unifies 'broadcasting' my blog posts created and hosted at my GitHub.com account via IFTTT.com to Twitter, to Facebook and new today, to Medium.

At least that is the intention. If it doesn't work, I can revert to copy and paste into Medium.

The addition benefit of automatic conversion of the Markdown to html will be the key here; it'll likely change the formatting from my prior Medium posts.

If the default settings applied by the IFTTT recipe work I'll be happy; it feels awkward adding tags to my posts, something I've eschewed after restarting my blogging process last year with Jason Irwin's 10Centuries social network.

By the way, the 'rant' hashtag automatically creates an issue at my 'ranty' GitHub.com repo. This may mean nothing to you.

And, if I've misunderstood what the IFTTT recipe will do [incidental: italics around 'do'] then the 'rant' post title becomes appropriate.

Thanks for reading!

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