The community was small-enough and its people got on with each other well-enough that little sociable initiatives blossomed. It was very much a fun, slightly-nerdy, place to be.

Anyone who spent time there might have come across the #ThemeMonday hashtag (link goes to my site.) People changed their avatars on or around the second Monday of every month, to a theme chosen by popular vote.

Now will close on March 14th or 15th 2017 (official blog) so at that time all of those digital memories will be forever lost (unless a volunteer-driven archive initiative, er… archives them first.)

I've been toying with the idea of running one final #ThemeMonday, to run over the week before the service shuts down. Votes will be first taken for themes, a poll created, and finally the theme list voted on. It's simpler than it sounds.

One tiny problem, no longer works. I won't be worried though if no-one really wants to participate; enough have left for greener social pastures, enough will simply not see this, and enough would rather rely on the glow of great memories than revisit the past in the present.

Here's the thing, discounting Facebook for now I'm on 3 public social networks:

  • and though I've scaled back my usage, I'm on Twitter.

I'm willing to take votes from all three provided I'm mentioned, and I don't see a bar to changing avatars on any network. Solidarity, or something…?

Ok, here goes, I propose a theme:


The link to my page:

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