Twitter diminishes

I'm scaling back my involvement on Twitter (in addition to a recent step away from Facebook.) It'll mean a more casual attitude to my timeline: no more devotion to reading all the tweets, no more politically-charged retweets, no desire to keep up with and research the background behind the very latest news. In short I need a break, a chance to examine what I want.

So what will I do with the time usually filled waiting for the relief I'm currently finding when there are no more posts remaining to read?

  • Read books,
  • Write better blog posts,
  • Create more stuff at GitHub,
  • Watch films,
  • Make my girls do their homework on time,
  • Er…

Oh yes, this:

I am @bazbt3 at, Jason Irwin's bootstrapped/subscription/free social, blogging & podcasting network. Hey, I have invite codes, just ask!