Inspired by a tweet:

@PhoneBoy: "If I wanted to read the tweets of people y'all are retweeting, I'd be following them instead of you. Speak for yourself."

Interesting. Whilst I try to speak for myself I know I am one of those 'deplorables.' I say 'interesting' without a shade of criticism as it's something I've spent quite some time thinking about recently as my tweet rate shot up and my stream became a tad more serious.

So here goes; not a justification, more my rationale. It'd probably work better as a tweet storm. I'm a fan of tweet storms by the way, they're more accessible, more immediate than blog posts, but hey…

My retweets are mainly a response to things I don't understand or can't rationalise or internalise. Yes, I am including kitten pics in the big list of things that puzzle me! They're an attempt to indicate my thought processes before people reach my blog (if they ever do.) They're a cheap attempt to express my solidarity both with those less fortunate than I and those who feel their opportunities to change things are limited.

I chose retweets not quotes, as quotes occasionally bring the kind of attention I used to find unwelcome. Now though, if my blog is the public journal of the workings of my inner self, why not change my RT behaviour to reflect it‽

I can see how a constant stream of tiny variations on a theme could be very off-putting, depressing even, especially to those who follow a bunch of folks. In a nutshell then, I can change, and likely will, though it'll be a challenge.

Thanks @phoneboy, it's good to have one's routine upset once in a while.

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