I know I shouldn't but I did; I watched the BBC politics Q&A programme 'Question Time'. Brexit was discussed of course, and one particular commenter stood out.

Now I know I shouldn't categorise an entire voting side by the actions of one woman, but it's a telling thing she said; I'm paraphrasing here:

"I was going to vote Remain but changed my mind and voted to Leave. The day before I went into the supermarket and the bananas were all straight."

Now I know she's referring to an EU regulation stating that the fruit must be straight, a certain minimum size, probably to ensure commonality of packaging and to cut the cost of imports and…

It's all bollocks when viewed from any perspective, and has been since the worldwide ridicule dumped on the EU after it temporarily appeared on the statute books, before being withdrawn in 2008. So how the heck can she claim all the bananas were straight during June 2016‽ I've never, ever, seen a straight banana, but I'm not going to pretend I'm the ultimate arbiter of truth here.

She should be more concerned about the ridiculous waste imposed by our supermarkets' insistence that they pay the farmers peanuts whilst mandating perfect produce to meet a requirement they say consumers demand but which, when challenged, they can provide zero evidence of.

Nothing at all to do with the hated European Union's oppressive regulation.

So, are we living back in the nineteen-fifties yet?