Stop Making Sense

Aw crap, the cat's looking at me in that way again. Not sure where my uncontrollable giggling came from there, but he's right to look askance.

Or am I not sure‽

Ok, ok. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with a single ice cube in a thistle-shaped glass bought for me by my wife-to-be on March 26th 2005, accompanied very loudly indeed by The Pump Panel remix of New Order's 'Confusion' and then Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense album, they might be something to do with it. The latter songs take me back, what…



To the time I first heard 'em.

1977 seems a bit early though, being honest. 35 years ago is maybe getting there, around the time of the best music documentary film ever. That seems a bit short though, I'm sure I heard 'em first before they became popular in the UK. Maybe. Dunno.

Shut up Barrie.


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