New Year's Resolutions kept: none, though the subtleties of the choices made leave me a modicum of wriggle room.

  • Picking at my thumbnails at the traffic lights on the way to work: Fail. I should go a different way.
  • Reducing sugars in my tea at home: Technically a great success. The fact that I've not drunk tea at home during 2017 cheapens this a bit; the fact it's been all chai since Christmas means I'm floundering, adrift, rudderless here.
  • Eating more healthily: Yes. More nuts, oats, er… healthy foods and in moderation too; less bread, biscuits/cookies. I take a cholesterol-reducing drink daily. The 16" kebab pizza last weekend was atypical.
  • Exercising: Fail. I walk a bit, nowhere near enough to qualify as a person who walks.
  • The thing that shall not be mentioned in polite society: Yup, still doing that.