Four Roses 4

This time the experiment continues with sufficient ice cubes prepared to sink an ocea, er…

Drunk this time with a single, melted, ice cube. Precisely this one, well this half:

Verdict: hmmm… Clean, crisp, with an odd taste just before it starts to tingle my gums, and then it’s back to…

It smells underwhelming still after the Maker’s Mark, but I’m happy with the trade-off; it’s still a warming, drinkable drink.

My view, ‘Buffalo Trace’ is a more rounded experience. Once this is done I’ll of course try the ‘Woodford Reserve’ then the ‘Bulleit’ but thus far the shaggy quadruped gets my vote. A shame, I paid quite a bit more for this Four Roses than I expected I would when all this began. Not a complaint, far from it.

Nevertheless, to be continued…


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