Migration v2

I'm transferring Markdown blog posts from my GitHub Pages repository (repo) into my WordPress blog, this way:

  • Open MWeb for iOS (a Markdown editor with publishing capability.)
  • Make _posts and _images folders and copy all the posts and images from my local copy of the repo into each.
  • Open each post in MWeb.
  • Check for links to old blogs:
    • If none found then strip the YAML post header, ensure the post date matches the original and publish to WordPress.
    • If links found, hold until later and publish the earlier, link-free posts first.
    • I also attempt to use the original post date but know I've failed on at least a couple of occasions. It's not massively important.

Blog posts to migrate:

Date Remaining
2019-04-06 360
2019-04-10 207
2019-04-12 187
2019-04-15 117
2019-04-22 57
2019-04-27 16

(Table updates at various milestones.)