Today, and for the first time in years, the local LibDems candidate visited and leafleted. Amazing; a refreshing change.

Speculating from my amazement and my opening comments that I might be amenable to rejoining the party, he… well I’m honestly considering it, and I have the urge to use my vote wisely[efn_note]This did not end well.[/efn_note] this time around.

Your and my previous scorn, though not entirely misplaced, has… Let’s just say, although neither of us expect a win, both realise after the disappointment of recent years allied to the Nasty Party, there’s a long game to be played here.

At the time of writing though, no-one in Rochdale can know much about any of the candidates; fewer than 15% of the candidates offered up any background information about themselves, see the link below:

Oh, the title’s ‘Thwarted’ simply because I’ve been prevented from winding myself up for a good old-fashioned moan.

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