Mine’s a big one

Just as the lady with the frankly massive puppies who lives at the end of the street has finally trimmed her bush I asked for and thus received a big one earlier today.

It ended poorly.

Now chai latte is an awesome drink but, as I believe I discovered earlier, only in moderation. I asked for a big one before we watched the film ‘Missing Link’. Unfortunately it appears it’s just too much for my otherwise iron constitution.[efn_note]A barefaced lie![/efn_note] So, yeah…

My stomach, it gurgles, a portent of doom down below; my wife advised me to bring a spare toilet roll up, just in case.

Whereas daughter 2 offered up 4-1/4, I’ll give ‘Missing Link’ 3-1/2 of 5 stars. Maybe my judgment will improve once I’ve…

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