Al (the first sequel)

Journalists are currently writing that Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson[efn_note]Al to his family, but that name didn’t stand out quite enough at university so he rebranded.[/efn_note] will not be allowed to continue with the irresponsible behaviour exhibited throughout all of his past, apparently the team assembled around him will not allow it. I’m totally unconvinced, the nasty party-led juggernaut is unstoppable now.

And, don’t ever forget come the mid-week inauguration, who’s assembling the team, who’s boss.

Whilst I misread the ‘Boris‘ situation back in 2016 (Foreign Secretary‽) I’m pretty confident I haven’t this time around.

Oh yes, if Al’s thinking of David Davis as a potential Foreign Secretary or Chancellor (!!!!) he’s having a laugh; in any other world he’d be described even by himself as the very definition of the ‘anti-details man’.

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